Your Father who knows what you need before you ask (Matthew 6:8)

           He knew what you would need before you knew you needed it.  Not just in terms of rent money, an encouraging word or an important relationship, but also with regards to your eternal life.  While you were still a sinner, stuck in dozens or even hundreds of sins and even before you were born, Jesus came to the earth and paid the full price for your redemption.  He was not disinterested or passive, He is not like that.  He knew what He wanted and what we needed, so He did everything before hand because we could not have done anything for ourselves.

            When Man ate the fruit of the tree the knowledge of good and evil, the first thing they did was hide.  What did God first do when they had disobeyed Him?  He went after them.  Not out of disappointment, but out of concern.  But we also know that Jesus was crucified from the foundations of the world, which was before Man consumed the sinful snack.  Later two brothers would exchange blessing for food.  Esau also traded the blessed favor of the Lord for edible sustenance, and Jacob became the brother through which the Messiah would come.  It is the first Adam that gave up the blessing for the fruit; it is through the Last Adam that redemption comes.

            Truly He does know what we need before we ask, but it doesn’t stop there, He also provides what we need before we need it.  He knew we would need the Word, so He had His friends, the prophets write down their revelations – for He does nothing without telling the prophets (Amos 3:7).  And Paul tells the church in Corinth that everything in the Old Testament was done, and recorded, for us “on whom the ends of the ages has come” (1 Corinthians 10:11).  It was the wisdom of God to have men write epistles to their churches so that the knowledge of God that they had been given might be preserved for us.  He knew how words would be translated and He knew that certain people would need specific phrasing so that they could be fully impacted by a passage.  He is so wise.

            This is not to diminish our everyday needs.  He really cares about the little things in our lives that sometimes seem so much bigger than they are.  What kind of King keeps a running total of His subjects’ hair?  It is not as though He has some strange thing for hair, He just knows us that well.  He is obsessed with us.  In His death He was saying to you, “Your life is more valuable to Me than My own life.”  People are honored by the military for bravery and heroism when they value their own lives less than the lives of those for whom they are fighting.  Paul had a similar heart when he said that he would rather be cursed to damnation if it would mean that the Jews would turn to Jesus.

            For the last few days we have been looking at the Father’s character.  Our Father is so much greater in His ways than our fathers.  We may have had good fathers, but He is so far beyond what we have experienced that our scales cannot even contain Him.  He loves deeper.  He understands better.  He goes further in His pursuit of blessing us.  He is more extravagant and more detailed.  He is more interested and more involved in our lives, whether major or minor.  He is unrelenting in His pursuit of blessing us.  He is constantly searching for and positioning situations to set us up to be blessed, encountered and confronted with the surpassing greatness of His uncompromising love.  He is not caught off guard or surprised when we have a need, He has known our needs for eons and has been masterfully arranging everything in our favor as the Ultimate Social Architect.

*Father, You have always known our needs; we need You, fulfill all our needs.  Amen*

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  1. Did you know that the word used in Genesis 3 for God walked in the “cool of the day” is the Hebrew word ruwach. It means a violent exhalation or breath, and every other time in the old testament that word is used it is referring to God’s anger, it is like like a bull huffing and puffing in anger.

  2. This is was a timely post…your posts keep coinciding with things going on in my life. I think you must hear from the Lord or something.

    Would you pray for me when you have a chance? A number of big things came crashing down around me today. And I’m not taking any of them well (actually, not taking them well barely begins to describe the ways I’m reacting). I really need to know what the Lord’s doing right now – and how He’s giving me what I need.

    Thanks so much. And if you get anything for me, let me know. I do know how you like to prophesy.

  3. the thought of Jesus being crucified from the foundations of the earth makes me wonder if when he was being beaten and he got part of his skin cut open if he thought “oh that’s where that scar comes from…”

    but yeah i think it is a good point that the Father knows more about our needs than just our monitary needs or our physical needs, but those our spirits need as well…

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